How To Cure Insomnia

Insomnia deprives people of restorative sleep, which is needed for a healthy body

How To Treat Gingivitis

Infection of the gums is known as gingivitis. It is a mild form

Tourette Syndrome Basics

Tourette syndrome is a chronic nervous system disorder. This disorder generally starts in

How To Cure Panic Attacks

One can gain control of a panic attack. A panic attack is a

How To Perform Cupping Therapy

Chinese medicine has many wonderful things to offer. One of the main benefits is that their practices often don’t include medications, but rather herbs and stimulation of the body to

How To Stop Coughing

Having a cough can be annoying. It can be disruptive you your life, and to the lives of the people around you. Coughing can make speaking difficult, and can keep

A Guide To Neck Pain Treatment

Neck pain is described as any type of discomfort felt in one of the structures of the neck. These include nerves, muscles and the area between the bones. Neck pain

How To Treat Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is caused by prolonged exposure to very high temperatures, and often times, dehydration. It can be very serious, can is considered a medical emergency. Patients are diagnosed with

How To Manage A Dislocated Elbow

Say you’re rollerblading, and you slip and fall, and you feel an incredible pain in your elbow. You then realize that you dislocated your elbow. It’s possible to dislocate your

How To Shrink Hemorrhoids

Picture this. You wake up 20 minutes late. You grab a quick breakfast, then shower and dress for work. You jump into your car and off to the train station

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